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Other Research Opportunities

Information about other research opportunities available for undergraduates at Dartmouth can be found here

In addition, note that a number of specific summer research programs for undergraduates, connected to HHMI in one way or another, exist around the country:

  1. HHMI offers matriculated undergraduates a unique opportunity at its Janelia Farm research campus on the banks of the Potomac in Loudon County, Virginia, about 30 miles from Washington, DC. Selected students spend 10 weeks during the summer (7 June - 13 August 2010) working in a laboratory at Janelia Farm focusing on a research problem in neurobiology, using the techniques and approaches of cell and molecular biology, physics, math, computer science, and engineering. Undergraduate research students receive a stipend of $4,500; the costs of travel, on-site housing, and food are also covered.

    Interested students should apply online after 1 September 2009. The deadline for receipt of completed applications (including letters of support) is 15 February 2010.
  2. Click here for a link that will provide you with a list of other summer research opportunities available at universities, research centers, and medical schools around the country.

If you have any questions please contact Prof. Sloboda or Dean Margaret Funnell.


Prof. Roger Sloboda
Program Director
Biological Sciences
222 LSC

Dean Margaret Funnell
Assistant Dean of the Faculty for Undergraduate Research
Parker House

Nancy Serrell
Director of Outreach
339 Blunt

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