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Department of Government

Dartmouth College


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Email: michael.c.herron(at)dartmouth.edu

Office: 603-646-2693

Cell: 603-359-8009

Fax: 603-646-2152

Address: 6108 Silsby Hall, Hanover, NH 03755-3547


Curriculum Vitae


Recent Working Papers



      Race, Shelby County, and the Voter Information Verification Act in North Carolina (with Daniel A. Smith) (change log)


      Precinct Closing Times in Florida during the 2012 General Election (with Daniel A. Smith)


      Residual Votes in the 2008 Minnesota Senate Race (with Jonathan W. Chipman and Jeffrey B. Lewis) (change log)


      From Punchcards to Touchscreens: Some Evidence from Pasco County, Florida on the Effects of Changing Voting Technology (with Jeffrey B. Lewis)


2012 Election Analysis 


      Testimony pursuant to Field Hearing of the United States Senate Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Human Rights titled New State Voting Laws II: Protecting the Right to Vote in the Sunshine State. This testimony reflects work joint with Daniel A. Smith. Official announcement of the hearing is here.


2006 Election Analysis


      Testimony on the effects of ballot formats in the case of Jennings v. Elections Canvassing Commission of the State of Florida et al.  This testimony reflects work joint with Jeffrey B. Lewis.


2004 Election Analysis


      Democratic National Committee report, Democracy at Risk: The 2004 Election in Ohio

      Replication data and additional papers on Walter R. Mebane, Jr.,s Ohio page


Florida Ballot Data (Funded by NSF SES-0440909)


      Baker County

      Franklin County

      Gadsden County

      Hamilton County

      Hernando County

      Jackson County

      Liberty County

      Manatee County

      Taylor County

      Washington County

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