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Financial Wellbeing

Financial Wellness is understanding the process of sustaining ourselves financially for the short and long term. 

Signs of Financial Wellbeing

  • learning to not let money be the driving force of your life
  • not living beyond your means
  • learning how to manage and establish a personal budget
  • thinking long term and setting up a savings account
  • not getting into credit card debt
  • making plans and sticking to them to pay off loans and debts

Ways to Nourish Your Financial Root

  • Track spending to stay within a budget.
  • Track transactions to be aware of how you spend.
  • Meet with a financial advisor, accountant, insurance officer to understand your finances.
  • Seek guidance or assistance from someone (advisor, parent, etc.) if unsure about something.
  • Consider “need” vs. “want” when making expensive purchases.
  • Prioritize spending that supports basic needs (food, hygiene, healthcare, warm clothes, etc.).
  • Spend within your means without often borrowing money and using credit.
  • Make thoughtful purchases.
  • Put money in savings, stocks, bonds, etc.
  • Have insurance (health, car, etc.).


Roots of Wellness adapted from Wellness, UNH Health Services.

Last Updated: 1/28/16