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Take Care of Yourself

Thriving@Dartmouth - PE Credit

T@D equips you with evidence-based tools and practices that boost performance and promote stress-management; resilience; and mental, intellectual, physical, and social wellbeing. Through four weeks of emotional intelligence (EI) curriculum (informed by The Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence) and the four week, Koru mindfulness curriculum, you will build EI, cultivate a simple, effective mindfulness practice, and practice skills to help you thrive holistically throughout life at Dartmouth and beyond. Cost: Free. Class time: Monday 3- 4:20 pm, Thursdays: 4- 5:20 pm. Capped at 16.

Refresh sleep quality improvement program (Available on CANVAS)

Refresh is a sleep quality intervention designed for college students based on cognitive behavioral therapy. Students with poor sleep quality who take part in the self-administered Refresh program show improved sleep quality and depressive symptoms (1). Sign up to enroll in the CANVAS course that prompts you to keep a “30-second sleep journal” every morning and read one short, module every week that contains info, tips, and practice for the week. To sign up, email

R&R retreat at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

Escape to Kripalu for a few days for a wellness immersion experience. Kripalu is a renowned retreat center in Stockbridge, MA that provides space and workshops to explore diverse practices for improving wellness. Choose from a variety of active workshops, movement classes, outdoor activities, yoga, and knowledge based classes to make the retreat your own. We provide the option to come together once daily with others from Dartmouth to reflect and share about our day.

  • For more info on cost, accommodations, and the center, see the Kripalu website


Stream or download audio files to explore a new approach to help you relax! Find what works best for you.

Last Updated: 9/20/17