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Take Care of Each Other

Thriving Together Wellness Peer Support

Students will become resources for their peers after a one-term training in Motivational Interviewing and the core roots of wellness. The training equips students with skills to engage peers in one-on-one meetings that support self-exploration, increased motivation, and support students if and when they commit to a positive change for their wellbeing. Students who have gone through Thriving Together can elect to be a Wellness Peer and hold office hours to support fellow students in their health and wellness.

Sexual Health Peer Educators (Sexperts)

Serve as educational peer advisors and provide one-on-one direct service for students who wish to speak to a peer on an individual basis. They also respond to requests for peer education around issues of healthy relationships, pleasure-based sexuality, STIs and contraception. 

Last Updated: 8/25/17