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Peer Advisors  (PAs)

Peer Advisors are incorporated into an educational program offered to students throughout various terms.

PA serves as an introduction to general health education issues on campus, and functions as a recommended precursor to the Peer Advising programs (DAPA, SAPA, EDPA, and Sexperts). Students become familiar with health advocacy and peer leadership through this course.

Topics included in the curriculum incorporate a variety of campus issues and allow students to gain familiarity with health advocacy and to become connected with various aspects of Dartmouth student life. These include: wellness & self-care, sexual health and STI's, healthy relationships, depression and anxiety, sexual abuse, alcohol and other drugs, homophobia, nutrition, disordered eating & exercise, multiculturalism, stress management and how to help a friend.

Sessions are engaging and active.  Enrolled students learn techniques for bringing this information to others of their community, as well as strategies for changing the attitudes and social norms that drive individuals to make unhealthy choices.

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