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Brief Alcohol Screening & Intervention for College Students

What is BASICS at Dartmouth?

BASICS is a program designed to help you make decisions around drinking based on your own values to minimize harmful effects in your life.

It is a confidential, 30-50 minute, one-on-one with a Wellness Center provider using your personal survey responses.

Topics include:

  • Alcohol's impact on sleep quality
  • Your body's sweet spot for getting the buzz
  • Detox info
  • Caloric impact
  • Personal BAC info
  • Dartmouth College student norms
  • And more!

How to Do BASICS:

  1. Email to receive an invitation to your survey.
  2. Fill out the 15 minute survey that will be used to create your personal feedback report.
  3. Schedule your meeting time.
  4. Go to The Wellness Center (3rd floor Robo) for your one-on-one!


More Resources about Alcohol & Other Drugs

Last Updated: 4/28/16