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Opcon-A™ Naphazoline (decongestant)/ Pheniramine(antihistamine) ophthalmic solution is a combination product containing two active ingredients. Naphazoline (naf-AZ-oh-leen) is used to relieve redness due to minor eye irritations, such as those caused by colds, dust, wind, smog, pollen, swimming, or wearing contact lenses. Remove contact lenses before using. Pheniramine (fen-EER-a-meen) is an antihistaminic ophthalmic solution that is used in the eye to treat symptoms caused by allergies. It works by acting on certain cells in the eye, called mast cells, to prevent them from releasing substances that cause the allergic reaction. Use this medicine only as directed. Do not use more of it, do not use it more often, and do not use it for more than 72 hours, unless otherwise directed by your doctor. To do so may make your eye redness and irritation worse; this may also increase the chance of side effects.

To use the eye drops:

  • First, wash your hands. Tilt the head back and, pressing your finger gently on the skin just beneath the lower eyelid, pull the lower eyelid away from the eye to make a space. Drop the medicine into this space. Let go of the eyelid and gently close the eyes. Do not blink. Keep the eyes closed for 1 or 2 minutes to allow the medicine to be absorbed by the eye.
  • If you think you did not get the drop of medicine into your eye properly, use another drop.
  • To keep the medicine as germ-free as possible, do not touch the applicator tip to any surface (including the eye). Also, keep the container tightly closed.

Last Updated: 12/17/08