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Staff Directory

Director's Office

  • Mark Reed, M.D., Director of the Health Service
  • Sandee Robinson, Assistant to the Director

Administration & Ancillary Service

Business Department

  • Dave Leenders, Associate Director for Administration
  • Diana Kiefer, Finance Manager
  • Debra Fisk, Purchasing/Payroll
  • Shawn Dohrn, Information Systems
  • Carlene Eitapence, Supervisor, Unit Technician
  • Pete Smith, Unit Technician

Medical Records & Reception

  • Diane Epstein, Supervisor
  • Cassandra Talbert, Sr. Customer Service Representative
  • Andrea Greenwood, Sr. Customer Service Representative
  • M. Jean Wakefield, Customer Service Representative

Dartmouth Student Group Health Plan and Insurance Information

  • Ginger Farewell  Lawrence, Supervisor
  • Michelle Murray, Administrative Assistant
  • Serena Tucker, Administrative Assistant

Patient Accounts and Eligibility

  • Brenda Wilson, Administrative Assistant

Pharmacy Services

  • Natalie Godbout, Pharmacist
  • Jeannine Baribeau, Pharmacy Technician
  • Dominique Walton, Pharmacy Technician

X-Ray Services

  • Todd Arbogast, Radiologic Technologist

Clinical Affairs

  • Pamela Mobilia, Office Manager, Outpatient Clinic

Medical Appointments

  • Kathleen Landgraf, Customer Service Representative
  • Dominique Walton, Customer Service Representative


  • Lauri Gallimore, RN, Director of Nursing
  • Paula Bergeron, RN-C
  • Lenore Brown, RN-C                       
  • Ann-Eleanor Brennan, RN (Marge)
  • Adrienne Domenicucci, RN
  • Paulette Dunbar, RN
  • Kimberly Galbreath, RN
  • Mary Guay, RN
  • Wilbert Hill, RN
  • Pat Jackson, RN
  • Marilyn Kaull, RN
  • Lisa Paquette, RN
  • Barbara Pachner, RN
  • Amelia Villaluz, RN
  • Sallie Yurkosky, RN

Primary Care & Preventive Medicine (PCPM) and Women's Health

  • Ann Bracken, MD, Director of Medical Services
  • Virginia Brack, MD
  • Holly Cathcart, PA-C
  • Maureen Cullen, APRN
  • Lisa Janowski, Medical Assistant
  • Elizabeth Larsen, PA-C
  • Elizabeth Morse, APRN
  • Sean O'Brien, PA-C
  • Suzanne Stebenne, APRN
  • Jack Turco, MD
  • Maggie Welch, PA-C
  • Susan Wilds, Medical Assistant
  • Claudia Zegans, MD

Counseling and Human Development (CHD)

  • Heather Earle, Ph.D., Director of Counseling, Psychologist
  • Bryant Ford, Ph.D., Associate Director, Psychologist
  • Sarah Chung, Psy.D., Staff Psychologist
  • R. Adam Dickey, Psy.D., Staff Psychologist
  • Mark Hiatt, Ph.D., Staff Psychologist
  • Nicole Hill, Psy.D., Staff Psychologist
  • Da-Shih Hu, M.D., Staff Psychiatrist
  • Caroline Lee, Ph.D., Staff Psychologist
  • Todd Lindsley, Ph.D., Staff Counselor
  • Hilary Lynch, LICSW, Staff Counselor
  • Claudette Peck, LCMHC, RD, LD, Staff Nutritionist
  • Mark Reed, M.D., Director of Dartmouth College Health Service, Psychiatrist
  • Arlene Velez-Galan, Ph.D., Staff Counselor
  • KC Wright, MS, RDN, LD, Staff Nutritionist
  • Jill Servant, Office Manager
  • Angela Borger, Administrative Assistant

Health Promotion

  • Brian Bowden, MEd, Coordinator, Alcohol & Other Drug Education Program
  • Caitlin K. Barthelmes, MPH, Coordinator, Alcohol and Other Drugs Education Program
  • Amanda Childress, Coordinator, Sexual Abuse Awareness Program
  • Carissa Dowd, Office Manager 

Athletic Trainers

  • Jeff Frechette, MSED, ATC, Head Trainer
  • Bethanie Brann, MS, ATC
  • Meredith Cockerell, MS, ATC
  • Caleb Crowell, MS, ATC
  • Mike Derosier, MSED, ATC
  • Yuriko Fujioka, MS, ATC
  • Nicole Humann, MSED, ATC
  • Chad Johnson, MS, ATC
  • Nicole Scremin, MSED, ATC
  • Ben Schuler, MS, ATC
  • Peter Tryon, MS, ATC
  • Tracy Purcell, Office Manager

Last Updated: 2/11/15