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DSGHP Advisory Committee
Plan Year:  2013 - 2014

Since 1994, the DSGHP Advisory Committee has provided community input into the design and programming of the Dartmouth Student Group Health Plan (DSGHP).

The Committee meets each spring during the Plan's annual review to provide advice and recommendations for the next plan year.

Membership includes students, faculty and administrators from graduate and undergraduate areas served by the Dartmouth Student Group Health Plan.

Committee Members

    • Dr. John (Jack) Turco (Co-Director, Health Service)
    • Dr. Mark Reed (Co-Director, Health Service)
    • Jeff Zarilla, RPh (Dick's House Pharmacy Director, Health Service)
    • Heather Earle, PhD (Director, Counseling & Human Development, Health Service)
    • Charlene (Charley) Bradley, RNBC (Director, Nursing and Administrative/Fiscal Officer, Health Service)
    • Tricia Spellman (Assistant Vice President For Finance, Dean of the College)
    • David Leenders (Director, Fiscal Planning & Operations)
    • Kate Lark (Director, Risk and Internal Controls Services)
    • David Foster (Manager, Claims & Loss Control, Risk & Internal Controls Services)
    • Ginger Farewell-Lawrence (Manager, DSGHP & Patient Accounts, Health Service)

Healthcare Management & Benefit Consultants

  • Teresa Koster (Division President, Gallagher Koster)     

Student Advisory Committe Members

  • Vacant

Last Updated: 5/28/13