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Zika Update:

aedes mosquito

The CDC has issued travel alerts for people traveling to countries with active Zika virus transmission.  For an up-to-date list of these areas click here.  The latest updates on Zika from the Geisel School of Medicine can be found here.

Zika virus is spread by mosquitos.  Students can reduce risk of Zika virus by preventing mosquito bites.  Zika infection is often asymptomatic but symptoms may include fever, rash, joint and muscle pain.  Pregnant women may be at increased risk for more severe complications.  For more information about Zika transmission, prevention and symptoms click here.

If you anticipate travel to any regions with Zika transmission, please consider booking a travel consult online at Dick's House prior to your departure.   If you have recently returned from travel and have questions regarding symptoms please call Dick's House at 603-646-9400 or book online.

Flu has arrived on campus...

How do I know if I have the flu?

What should I do? 

Should I get seen in the clinic?

During office hours, book online or call 646-9401 for an appointment in the clinic.

After hours, call the Inpatient Department at 646-9440 to speak with the nursing staff.

There is still time to get your flu shot -- and it could still help reduce your risk.

Call the office or book online for an appointment today.

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In the News:


 The Health Services Department is a part of the Division of Student Affairs .

Last Updated: 3/16/16