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Handel Society of Dartmouth College

Founded in 1807, the Handel Society of Dartmouth College is proud to be America’s oldest town-gown choral society. The ensemble performs an exhilarating range of choral and choral-orchestral music, from long-treasured masterworks to stunning contemporary pieces and new commissions. Whether we are performing at Dartmouth or on tour, our goal is to provide transformative musical experiences for performers and audiences alike.

2014–2015 Performances

May 16, 2015

Verdi Poster

Operatic in its earth-shaking intensity, Verdi’s Requiem is an unforgettable concert experience, from its terrifying and justifably famous “Dies irae” to the tender and peaceful choral moments. It has it all: the drama of an opera, the colorful contrasts of a symphonic masterwork and virtuosic solo moments that will leave you breathless. 

November 18, 2014

Brahms Alto Rhapsody, Schicksalslied, Gesang der Parzen and Ave Maria
Whitbourn: Anneliese (on the Diary of Anne Frank)

 Handel Society Fall 2014 Concert


Handel Society Monograph


A work that has been 200 years in the making: The Handel Society of Dartmouth College 1807-2007 by J. Heywood Alexander with David T. Robinson. This book, complete with a CD of historic recordings is available for purchase by clicking here.



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