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Learn more about the Chemistry of Wine

Information about Chlorine


Dartmouth Chemistry Research Groups on the Web

Links to Synthetic Organic and Related Groups (Courtesy of Professor Matt McIntosh, University of Arkansas)

Other Research Groups / Friends of the Gribble Group


Find out more about Hanover, New Hampshire.

What's the weather like in Hanover?

Here are ski reports for Vermont and New Hampshire areas.

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Environmental Health & Safety

Matieral Safety Data Sheets

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Dartmouth Library Catalog

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Combi - Blocks Inc.


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Atlantic Microlab Inc.

Desert Analytics

School of Chemical Sciences Mass Spectrometry Laboratory (U. of Illinios, Urbana-Champaign)

Big Daddy! : (The Scripps Research Institute Mass Spec Facility)


Free Drawing Program-- ISIS


Beilstein-- how to guides, etc.


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