These web pages were created by David Blank in Fall, 1995. Current maintainence is still accomplished by Dave.

These pages were last updated: 7 March, 2008.

One of our goals in creating this page is to allow prospective undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral researchers to see what kind of work is being/has been accomplished here in our laboratory. We hope that if you have comments about what you see here, or questions about our work, that you will contact the appropriate person in the group. Of course, if you are unsure who that is, please contact Professor Gribble.

Another of our goals was to create a resource through which former Gribble group researchers might make and maintain contacts with their peers and other scientists associated with this research group. If you are a former 'Gribble-ite' and have comments about this page, please email us. We'd really appreciate hearing from you. There are a few former scientists (Grad Students and Post-docs) with whom we've lost contact. If you have any information on their whereabouts, please pass it along.

Want to see what our web site looked like in 1997? (for some reason, it's been archived elsewhere!) Thanks very much for visiting our site. Comments welcome!