Dolby, Lloyd Jay

Born: October 5, 1935.

DEGREE: Ph.D., 1959, University of California, Berkeley


Notable accomplishments, studies of the mechanism of the Prins reaction, demonstration of neighboring acetate in the solvolysis of 3-acetoxy arenesulfonates, discovered the periodate oxidation of indoles, synthesis of 2-acylindole alkaloids dihydroburnamicine, dasycarpidone, epi-dasycarpidone, and the indole alkaloid epiuleine, terpene synthesis-studies of gibberellic acid synthesis and the synthesis of acorone, chemistry of sulfinic acids and use in alkylation of the beta carbon of alpha, beta unsaturated carbonyl compounds. Twenty one Ph D students. Founded Organic Consultants Eugene Oregon in January 1980. Processes and patents for several pharmaceuticals.

1. Lloyd Dolby, personal communication.


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