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Allan Gulledge at SFN 2010 poster

Allan Gulledge, principal investigator


Photo of Emily Stephens, PEMM student at Dartmouth

Emily Stephens, PEMM graduate student

Corey Hill, research technician

Jacob Utter, undergraduate student

Angela Jin, undergraduate student


Former lab members:

Daniel Avesar, PEMM graduate program Ph.D. in 2013 (currently a postdoc at the University of Oregon Health Science Center)

Keita Onoue, '14 Dartmouth medical student

Sameera Dasari, postdoctoral researcher

Susanna Park, Undergraduate Honours student (Ph.D. in 2010 at University of New South Wales, now a Research Officer at Neuroscience Reasearch Australia)

Genny St. Germain, laboratory technician

Meijie Li, laboratory technician

Alison Rudkin, laboratory technician

Jocelyn Drexinger, undergraduate student