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Gender Research Institute at Dartmouth

6048 Haldeman Center
Hanover, NH
03755-3529 USA
Phone: + (1) 603 646-9529
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What We Do


       The Gender Research Institute (GRID) encourages, facilitates, and showcases gender-related research, teaching, and social engagement that address why the 21st century is still a time profoundly structured by gender, racial, ethnic, sexual, and economic inequality.

       GRID is a meeting ground where researchers, teachers, students, outreach professionals, and scholar-activists from across the globe come together to study, debate, and translate intellectual discussion and practical experience into projects of social justice on a multitude of local, national, and international scales.


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GRID in the News:

2013 GRID Fellow, Jennifer Alford-Teaster, in conjunction with the New Hampshire Women's Initiative and the Women's Fund of New Hampshire have released the Equal Pay Report, a report outlining pay inequality nationally, its presence in NH, and suggestions on how to overcome the wage divide. The report has received praise and recognition from Governor Maggie Hassan and will continue to be discussed as Jenn travels to the upcoming New England Women's Conference and participates in a breakout session called Women in Political Leadership Conference. Jennifer's work on this topic stemmed from her work in the GRID "Seeds of Change" research seminar in Spring 2013.

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Dartmouth Now -

GRID Postdoctoral Fellow, Brianne Gallagher, and Post Baccalaureate Fellow, Stephanie Chavez-Yenter, join Triangle House and Gender Equity Floor as live-in advisors for Residential Life's new Living Learning Communities.


*The Gender Research Institute Announces the Spring 2015 Seminar*

 Just Words: Free Speech and Social Change
The Spring 2015 GRID Seminar will bring together students, researchers, media practitioners, and activists to examine the value and limits of the right to freedom of expression in the pursuit of social justice. The ability to communicate without government censorship is crucial in bringing about social and political change and, yet, unregulated speech, especially in the form of on-line abuse of activists on social media can silence and marginalize. Words—and pictures and videos—can galvanize political movements, but can also be used to harass and threaten those engaged in them, and it isn't always the case that more speech is a sufficient response to harmful speech, given the instantaneous global reach of the internet and the difficulty of responding effectively.  Speakers and dates TBA.

For more information on previous seminars, see past events


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