Your Plan Manager

In 2003, after extensive review, Dartmouth hired a nationally recognized firm, Kaspick & Company, to assist with the management and administration of our charitable trusts, pooled income funds, and gift annuities. By making this change, Dartmouth joins the University of Pennsylvania, Johns Hopkins University, the American Red Cross, the Nature Conservancy, and other well-known nonprofit organizations throughout the United States that now work with Kaspick & Company.

The review that led to our decision to hire Kaspick & Company highlighted three key objectives for our planned giving program:

  • A sophisticated investment approach that blends the principles of endowment management with the special tax and income needs of planned gifts.
  • Accurate and timely administration—payments and tax reports—for our donors and beneficiaries.
  • The highest quality reporting and consulting support available, befitting the legacy of trust instilled by Dartmouth’s donors in its planned giving program for more than 50 years.

Our partnership with Kaspick &Company enables us to achieve these goals. The Investment, Gift Planning, and Controller’s offices are jointly responsible for the quality of Dartmouth’s planned giving program. Hiring Kaspick & Company has improved service to all donors and beneficiaries. We hope that you will let us know if there is something you believe we can do better. Please contact us at any time with concerns or questions.