Dartmouth Donor Advised Fund


The Dartmouth Donor Advised Fund (DDAF) enables you to streamline the management of your charitable gifts. Through the DDAF, Dartmouth can receive, invest, and administer gifts to Dartmouth and other charitable organizations on your behalf. Operating somewhat like a private foundation, the DDAF is an increasingly popular vehicle among philanthropic individuals and families.

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Donor Advised Fund Benefits

  • Active involvement in the distribution of gifts to support Dartmouth and other charities.
  • Centralized and streamlined investment and administration of gifts.
  • Expert investment and administration services from Dartmouth at no cost to the fund.
  • An immediate income tax deduction based on the fair market value of the gift.

DDAF Guidelines

Gift Level $250,000 minimum initial gift; additional gifts may be made at any time
Investment Investment in units in Dartmouth's endowment
Annual Payout An annual distribution of at least 5% of the Fund's market value is required
Minimum Payment to Dartmouth Half of the annual 5% distribution must be for Dartmouth purposes
Grant Distributions Recommendations for grant distributions can be made at any time. Recommendations to meet the 5% minimum annual payout must be made by June 1 of each fiscal year (July 1–June 30); any undesignated portion will be allocated to a purpose within Dartmouth
Minimum Amount to Other Charities $1,000 minimum for grants to charities other than Dartmouth; no minimum required for distributions to Dartmouth
Remainder Principal Distribution A minimum of 50% of fair market value of the principal to Dartmouth; the balance available to other recommended charities
Maximum Term Typically, the life of the donor (and spouse), with an additional successor term not to exceed ten years
Fees None