Retirement Assets: Make Dartmouth a Beneficiary of Your IRA

Looking for a simple way to save on taxes and help Dartmouth? Consider naming Dartmouth as a remainder beneficiary of your retirement plan.

At your death, your retirement plan assets may be subject to estate tax, and distributions to individuals may be subject to federal income tax—unless they are payable to a spouse or charity.

Naming Dartmouth as a complete or partial beneficiary of your plan can limit this potential double taxation.

When you name the College a beneficiary, you:

• Completely avoid paying income and estate taxes on these funds

• Help sustain the Dartmouth experience for future generations

• Become a member of the Bartlett Tower Society (if you aren't a member already)

Simply request a form from your human resources department and indicate a percentage to be distributed to Dartmouth at your passing.

To learn more, contact the Dartmouth Gift Planning Office at or 800-451-4067