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Joseph Bafumi

JoeAssociate Professor of Government
Silsby 225

B.A., M.A., University of Connecticut
M.Phil., Ph.D., Columbia University

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Recent Publications

  • Joseph Bafumi, Michael Herron, Seth Hill and Jeff Lewis. "Alvin Greene?  Who?  How Did He Win the United States Senate Nomination in South Carolina?"  Election Law Journal, forthcoming.

  • Joseph Bafumi. 2012. "The Senate Budget Committee: The Impact of Polarization on Institutional Design." PS: Political Science & Politics 45: 161-167.

  • Joseph Bafumi and Joseph M. Parent. 2012. "International Polarity and America's Polarization." International Politics 49: 1-35.

  • Joseph Bafumi. 2011. "Animal Spirits: The Effect of Economic Expectations on Economic Output." Applied Economics 43: 3573-3589.

  • Joseph Bafumi and Michael Herron. 2010. "Leapfrog Representation and Extremism: A Study of American Voters and Their Members of Congress." American Political Science Review 104: 519-542.

  • Joseph Bafumi, Robert S. Erikson and Christopher Wlezien. 2010. "Balancing, Generic Polls and Midterm Congressional Elections." Journal of Politics 72: 705-719.

  • Joseph Bafumi, Robert S. Erikson and Christopher Wlezien. 2010. "Forecasting House Seats from Generic Congressional Polls: The 2010 Midterm Election." PS: Political Science & Politics 43: 633-636.

  • Joseph Bafumi and Michael Herron. 2009. "Prejudice, Black Threat and the Racist Voter in the 2008 Presidential Election." Journal of Political Marketing 8: 334-348.

  • Joseph Bafumi and Robert Shapiro.  2009. "A New Partisan Voter." Journal of Politics 71: 1-24.


Research Interests

  • American Government: Electoral Behavior; Campaigns and Elections; Ideology; Public Opinion; Representation; Public Policy; Supreme Court
  • Political Methodology: Research Design; Bayesian Inference; Time Series; Multilevel Modeling; Factor Analysis


Last Updated: 10/23/13