GROW Trips

The GROW internship, or GrassRoots Onsite Work internship, is the true face-to-face connection between chapter and partner.  Each GlobeMed chapter organizes an annual trip for members to connect with their partner organization.  Below, we’ve summarized some info from our chapter’s visits to Chiang Mai, Thailand.  For more information, check out our blog posts from each trip!

2014 GROW Trip#swag

Dates: June 26–August 18

GlobeMed Members: Lisa Carson ’15, Hoon Lee ’16, Ritika Abhyankar ’17, and Anthony Chicaiza ’17

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Projects: Our eight week long trip will focus primarily on maintaining KWAT’s connections with other international organizations through their website and media. Our group of interns is looking to set up Paypal accounts, update the KWAT website, and conduct English lessons for KWAT interns. We will also be drafting a new Partnership Action Framework document for the National Office.

2013 GROW Trip

Dates: August 10–September 1

GlobeMed Members: Nina Boal ’14, Adam Kraus ’14, Neelima Panth ’14, Harrison Han ’16, and Kristina Mani ’16

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Projects: Our GROW interns helped KWAT develop external communications resources, such as an informational health programs brochure and a six-year activity report, as well as taught English to Interns in KWAT’s Political Empowerment and Youth Engagement Internship.

2012 GROW Trip

Dates: August 21 – September 6

GlobeMed Members: Nick Jensen ’15, Ayesha Dholakia ’15, Katharine Pujol ’13, Leigh Ann Humphries ’13, and Julia Salinaro ’15

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Projects: Our projects focused on developing KWAT’s access to the media.  We helped produce a video to inform international communities of local drug trafficking problems, as well as trained KWAT staff members to produce videos. Additionally, we helped update KWAT’s website, implemented more effective English lessons for Kachin people, and began developing a framework for monitoring the effectiveness of all of KWAT’s programs.