Staff meeting 11/4/13

GlobeMed Meeting Minutes for 11/4/13



◦ Talked about economic development

◦ Irene shared some current events about Cyclone Phailin

◦ This led into our discussion about how such a disaster would affect KWAT and the population it serves?

◦ How would economics in Burma be affected by such natural disaster?

◦ How does global health tie into economics?

▪ Medical care access

▪ Quality of life

▪ Education access

▪ Diagnostics and prognostics

◦ Hans Rosling: New Insights on Poverty (watched TED talk)

◦ Different Methods of Economic Development

▪ Macro= Dealing with entire country and how interactions with the federal spending occurs

▪ Micro = studies behavior of individual households and families and caters to the interest of NGOs and microfinance companies

-talked about examples like KIVA

-watched a TED talk about critiques of economic


Connection to KWAT

◦ Nina and Neelima talked about income-generation program

▪ KWAT women were taught how to make small crafts to sell for

profit and raise income and that money goes to the anti-trafficking

program that is in KWAT


◦ Huge congratulations for raising so much money from Halloween

Cupcake Delivery

◦ Next campaign is the UCC Christmas Market

▪ This weekend (Nov. 7-9)

▪ Church right next to SAE holds a sale hosting items from all

different organization and all profits go straight to Organizations