Staff meeting 10/21/13

GlobeMed Meeting Minutes for 10/21/13


◦ had a current events talk about Breast Cancer in Uganda

◦ had a small discussion about the girl effect – sex trafficking that causes people

to be more susceptible to the spread and contraction of HIV diseases in

third world counties

▪ the effect addresses the issue of women empowerment

- we discussed in small groups about why gender disparity exist and why women

are discriminated against more/ why are women’s health and wellbeing so

important to reducing poverty?

- Kristina and Harrison talked about their experience with the women at KWAT at

Thailand on the Grow Trip this summer

- Irene talked about Issues that Women face in Developing Nations

o Early marriage

o Watched a Ted Talk by Melinda Gates on why it’s important to put birth control back on the agenda

-Kachi talked about the Female Genital Mutilation

-Human Trafficking was also a topic that was addressed