Sept 6: Last Day in Chiang Mai

On our final day in Chiang Mai, we got to relax a bit in preparation of the long weekend of travel ahead of us.

In the morning, we walked to the Old City and had brunch at the Dada Kafé, which features a collage of many different types of food. Their readymade smoothies are delicious and are purported to cure a variety of ailments. Unfortunately, their bathroom is small and does not contain any fountains. But all of their food is delicious, and we highly recommend it if you ever visit Chiang Mai.

Afterwards we went to Huay Tung Tao, a beautiful lake near Chiang Mai. We played cards, read and took in the Thai countryside for a few hours.

After we returned to the city, we walked downtown and met Mai for dinner at the Dada Kafé (it was good enough to go twice in one day). We had a delicious last meal and got to experience a monsoon rainstorm that delayed our farewell with Mai. We shared some great stories, laughed talking about first impressions of each other, and got to reflect on our work here. We were very sad to say goodbye to her, but are looking forward to doing more Skype sessions with her in the coming year.