GROW Day 1

See what our GROW team has been up to on their first day visiting our partner organization, KWAT!

GROW Day 3

Broken computer, flying objects, lots of smiles, and more! See what we've been up to in Chiang Mai!

Day 7: Speaking Whale

Speaking Whale? See how English lessons and the Activity report have been going for the GROW team

World Day of Social Justice 2014!

World Day of Social Justice!

Global Health Day 4/3/14

Global Health Day was a success!


The Kachin Women’s Association Thailand, or “KWAT,” was established in 1999 to improve the lives of women and children from the Kachin state of Burma.  Based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, KWAT operates several programs to achieve its mission: a Health program, an Anti-Trafficking program, a Migrant Worker program, a Capacity Building program, an Income Generation program, and a Documentation and Research program.  GlobeMed at Dartmouth has funded a Reproductive Health training course for migrant workers and village leaders in Burma and Thailand, and is currently funding the implementation of a medical laboratory in Mai Ja Yang to provide diagnostic screenings for HIV, Malaria, and TB. For more information, visit


The Upper Valley Haven, or “UVH,” is based in White River Junction, VT, and serves over 6,800 people in the Upper Valley region annually.  Its mission is to “serve people struggling with poverty by providing food, shelter, education, clothing and support.” GlobeMed at Dartmouth members visit UVH on a weekly to biweekly basis and cook dinners for residents.  For more information, visit