The Jewish Book of Animals 
© Lewis Glinert 2009 (forthcoming)
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Chapter 9
Words of Joy and Comfort 

1. Welcoming a new pet
2. Naming your animal
3. Appreciating a pet
4. Concern for a pet
5. Remembering an animal

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The JEWISH BOOK OF ANIMALS is designed to be a unique animal-lover’s companion -- for entertainment, reflection, and a touch of inspiration. 

From the Bible to the present day, Judaism and Jewish culture has had a wealth of responses to animals, be they household pets, farm animals or creatures of the wild.  

The JEWISH BOOK OF ANIMALS ranges over prayers and proverbs, cartoons and paintings, short stories, philosophy and poetry, with the Bible and the ancient Rabbis an ever-present background resonance.  

The JEWISH BOOK OF ANIMALS is evocative testimony to the Judeo-Christian heritage.
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