Glee Club Tour

Every year during Spring Break the Glee Club goes on a concert tour! Recent tour locations include many cities in the Southeastern United States such as Charleston, Atlanta, and Chapel Hill in Spring 2005 and Savannah, Jekyll Island, and Miami in Spring 2007. While on domestic tours, Glee Club members often stay with alumni for some nights of the tour, and we spend some time sightseeing as well as singing. One of the more exciting recent tours was to Brazil in Spring 2006. The Glee Club traveled to Rio de Janeiro for a week of performances, sightseeing, and spending time on Rio's amazing beaches such as the Copacobana and Ipanema. Our performance repetoire even included some music in Portuguese, which was popular with both the choir and the audience. Performance pieces for tours from 2005-2007 included music by Brahms and Schubert and, naturally, the traditional Dartmouth songs.