November 9, 2008 - Professor Demko recently had a stroke.  He is slowly recuperating, and will still be adding new articles to his website periodically. You may continue to email George J. Demko.  He will reply when he's able. Thank you for understanding. 


George J. Demko is a professor at Dartmouth College and a devotee of the mystery genre. He is especially interested in the settings of mysteries - the geography or the locus operandi - of crime fiction, who also specializes in international mysteries or the genre in foreign countries.

He has written many columns on the evolution and adaptation of the genre in many foreign cultures including Japan, China, Cuba, Mexico, Russia, Sweden, and many more, as well as numerous articles and columns for The Armchair Detective, The Mystery Review, Mysteries Online, Mystery Books Quarterly and January Magazine, and writes for Mystery Scene Magazine. Currently, George is writing a book entitled Landscapes of Murder: The Locus Operandi of Crime Fiction.

He has taught seminars at Dartmouth College on mysteries and lectured frequently on place in crime fiction, and also conducts mystery seminars on various themes for Alumni Clubs and other organizations.

Professor Demko welcomes all comments, criticisms, suggestions, or any other input the visitor to this site may care to make. Email Professor Demko at (If clicking on the email address doesn't work, open your email program, open a new message window, and copy and paste the email address in the "To" section.)

May all your mysteries please you and bring you a sense of justice and may all your settings be exciting, entertaining and educational.

Update - 5/22/09


Many of you know I had a severe stroke last July.  When I awoke in the hospital, I was delighted to find out that I could read and see clearly.  I was told Iíd be in the hospital for 10 months to a year, so I decided it would be a good chance to catch up on my reading, and do some traveling in my mind. 

All my Magraitte books were brought to me.  The next few months I spent happily with Magraitte wandering around Paris, sipping his favorite drink, Calvados, which is French apple brandy.  It was the best trip I ever had.

After than, I had all my Hillerman books brought to me.  I spent the next few months with Officer Jim Chee and Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn on the magnificent Navajo reservation, with all the beautiful landscape.

It was a hell of a great way to spend my rehabilitation time.  Thereís no better way to travel than reading mysteries that take you to different places.

Iím slowly recovering and Iím on the verge of walking, although unsteadily. 

I want to thank all of you who sent me personal greetings and photographs.  Keep it up!  I love it.

Happy reading!



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