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About the Lab
The Citrin Family GIS/Applied Spatial Analysis Laboratory at Dartmouth College works to promote research, applications, and education in the interconnected fields of geographic information science, spatial analysis, remote sensing, and geovisualization The lab is sponsored by the Geography department, the Earth Sciences department, and the Environmental Studies program. Generous support for the lab has come from the family of Rona and Jeffrey Citrin '80, the J. Robert Porter '57 Fund, and other sources.
The lab's resources are available for several types of projects, including:
  • Research by faculty and staff affiliated with the lab's "home" departments.
  • Research by faculty and staff from other departments on campus.
  • Smaller, non-funded "exploratory" projects by students, faculty, staff, or others.
  • Support for instructional use of GIS and remote sensing technology across campus.
    The lab is located in 114 Fairchild Hall. To learn more about the lab, or to discuss a project that might benefit from access to the lab, please contact us.
    Hardware resources include a variety of workstations, 9 TB of space on Network Attached Storage (NAS) units, and peripheral equipment such as a large-format plotter, printers, a large-format map scanner, and other devices. The lab also maintains a collection of GPS units and an Ocean Optics JAZ dual field spectroradiometer, and has shared access to a 3D terrestrial laser scanner. Lab users have access to the college’s advanced Research Computing network.
    The primary software available in the lab includes ArcGIS, ENVI, ERDAS Imagine, Matlab, IDL, and other packages for GIS, spatial analysis, and remote sensing / image processing. This is supplemented by a wide range of database, statistical, graphic design, and other software.
    The lab's data library includes spatial data and satellite imagery for New England, other regions of North America, and the world.
    Finally, the GIS/ASA lab benefits from close connections with several other related facilities on campus, including the Geography Department's Rahr Cartography/GIS lab (013 Fairchild), the Earth Science Department's Glaciology Research Group/ICE lab (113 Fairchild), and the Dartmouth College Library's Evans Map Room (Second floor of Baker/Berry). The lab has a long history of collaboration with researchers at the Dartmouth Flood Observatory.

  • Home Research Teaching & Learning Publications About the Lab


    The Citrin Family GIS/Applied Spatial Analysis Laboratory at Dartmouth College
    Campus: 114 Fairchild Hall • Dartmouth College
    Mail: HB 6017 Fairchild • Hanover, NH 03755
    Tel: 603.646.3321 • Fax: 603.646.1601

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