German 43: Exiles and Émigrés


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The bibliography is divided into sections on film history; on critical theory about exile and nation, diaspora, and nomadism; and on entries on individual film professionals. Since the bibliography is a work in progress, I am grateful for any references to other sources that readers may be able to suggest. Please contact me at:


This section includes short biographies of 87 Central European film professionals who contributed to the film industry of Weimar Germany and spent at least some of their career in the United States. To find further information, go to the Bibliography or the Links.

Film Clips

Due to copyright laws, the film clips are only available to registered students. You will need to log in using Kerberos to view the clips. If you are a student in the class and are having trouble logging in, test your KClient/SideCar installation.

To play these short clips, you need to have QuickTime properly installed. If you have trouble viewing the clips, visit the QuickTime help page. The clips are in streaming format and therefore cannot be downloaded.


The links contain a wealth of information concerning German film history and Weimar cinema (resources) and German exiles and émigrés in Hollywood (biographies). Although most sites are in English or have been translated into English, a few are in German only and are noted as such. Before preceding with your research, however, please note that the Internet is a realm in which all kinds of information can be posted and read. You must exercise some caution when encountering any material that deems itself "factual." It is your responsibility to choose what kinds of things can be included in scholarly work and what should not be cited at all.

GERMAN 43: Exiles and Émigrés
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