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Negri, Pola

(Lipno, Poland 1894–San Antonio, Texas 1987)

Born as Pola Barbara Apollonia Chalupic. Actress. Emigrating to Germany after World War I, she made a name for herself by acting in several of Ernst Lubitsch's films, including Carmen (1918) and Madame Dubarry (1919). After that, Negri became typecast into roles that allowed her to highlight the raw, seductive powers that females ostensibly have over men. Because of the energy she exuded in silent features, she was the first German actress to be offered a contract from Paramount in 1922; the most popular film in which she acted in the America was Lubitsch's Forbidden Paradise (1924). With the advent of sound, however, Negri found herself trapped between two nations. She attempted a comeback in Germany during the rise of the Third Reich, but returned to America in 1941 when things did not work out. This time around, her reputation slowly diminishing around her, Negri found herself parodying her silent screen image in 1943's Hi Diddle Diddle. She moved back to Europe after the war only to realize that her celebrity status had been permanently silenced by sound.

GERMAN 43: Exiles and Émigrés
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