German 43: Exiles and Émigrés

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Photo of Martin KosleckKosleck, Martin

(Barkotzen, Germany 1904–Santa Monica, California 1994)

Born as Nicolaie Yoshkin. Actor. Kosleck had his beginnings in Weimar cinema, mostly in smaller roles inclduing one in Alraune (dir. Richard Oswald, 1930). Once in the United States, Kosleck's uncanny resemblance of Joseph Goebbel's, Hitler's minister of propaganda and enlightenment, secured him a portrayal of that role in no less than five films, including Confessions of a Nazi Spy (dir. Anatole Litval, 1939) and The Hitler Gang (1944). His icy demeanor and piercing stare epitomized the type of Nazi menace that Hollywood was so fond of showing. In numerous other anti-Nazi films he played various German army officers, SS troopers, and concentration camp officers, joining the ranks of many erstwhile enemies of the Reich who ended up playing their perpetrators in the US film industry. He was also effective playing spies, agents, and psychopaths.

GERMAN 43: Exiles and Émigrés
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