Jardin du Luxembourg

Beneath an awning and its shade revolving,

there passes every little while the stand

Of dappled horses, hailing from the land

Which lingers long before at last dissolving.

Some, to be sure, parade to harness bent,

But all display a mettlesome expression;

A fierce red lion rides in the procession,

And now and then a snow-white elephant.

You even have, as in the wood, a stag,

Though he is saddled too and bears along

A sky-blue little girl strapped to his back.

A boy in white is holding a thong

Onto the lion with his small hot hand,

The lion meanwhile baring teeth and tongue.

And now and then a snow-white elephant.

And here they swing alongside on the horses,

Some girls all bright among them, who appear

Almost too old for this; and in mid courses

They lift their eyes to something over here --

And now and then a snow-white elephant.

All this goes by and hastens to its ending

And turns and circles, aimless in its run.

Some red, some green, some grey is borne along us,

A sketchy profile hardly yet begun --

From time to time a smile is turned upon us,

A smile that blinds with blitheness, overspending

Upon this gasping sightless round of fun ...