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Speaker Series

Karen Hebert
Assistant Professor
Yale University
"Chronicle of a disaster foretold: Science, risk, and the politics of imperilment in Bristol Bay, Alaska"
November 6, 2014
4:00 p.m. 021 Fairchild



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Geography is the study of the material and symbolic transformation of the earth by humans. Geographers use theories of space, scale, location, place, and region to deepen knowledge of physical environments, human environments, and the interdependence between the two. Geography informs contemporary debates on globalization and global change by visualizing and analyzing spatial patterns and processes that reflect and inform social, environmental, political, economic, and cultural practices.

We in the Department of Geography at Dartmouth College value scholarship that crosses both disciplinary and international boundaries. Our curriculum, research resources, and outlook all encourage collaboration across the humanities, social sciences, and sciences, and among and between students and faculty.

We teach our students to think critically and synthesize ideas and phenomena using geographic skills. Classroom experiences, local and international field study, and advisor relations nurture these geographic skills and imbue students with a passion for learning and problem solving that is carried beyond the classroom and beyond Hanover.

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