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VSEPR model

The Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion (VSEPR) model for molecular bonding is discussed in the text in Section 3.6 starting on page 80. Once you have studied that section and are familiar with the ideas and terminology of the VSEPR model, you can use the Java applet below to practice.

If the applet does not appear, you may need to either (1) click the reload button on your browser or (2) allocate more memory to your browser. (If you are using a Netscape browser, you may need to click reload frequently to force the browser to draw the entire applet correctly, and the applet may even enter a "redrawing loop" that won't end. If you find this a real pain, switch to Internet Explorer, which does not have drawing problems.)

The Help tab on the applet has extensive help about every feature. Begin, however, with the scrolling list of molecules on the left. Find one that interests you, and select it. (Parts of the help text are geared to the specific molecule you have chosen. Turn to Help at any point for more information on any part of the applet.)

Once you have closen your molecule, move to the Electrons tab and count the number of valence electrons in your chosen molecule. You can use the Lewis tab to reach a sketch pad for drawing a Lewis electron dot picture of the molecule. The Geometry tab lets you select electron pair and molecular geometries, name them, decide about the molecule's net dipole moment, and check all your selections. The Record tab keeps track of all the molecules you explore (no need to enter your name in the "Name" box under the Record tab).

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