How many students attend FYSEP?
This is a highly selective program. Total enrollment will be 15-30 students who are among the first in their families to attend a four-year college.

How much does it cost to attend FYSEP?
All expenses are covered for FYSEP participants. Upon successful completion of the program, FYSEP scholars will receive a small stipend to defray the cost of books during the first term.

I was also invited to attend another pre-orientation program. Can I attend FYSEP and another program?
Dartmouth offers several different pre-orientation programs designed to support the success of first year students. Although FYSEP and other pre-orientation programs may have some overlapping activities, it will not be possible to participate in more than one. We encourage you to pick the pre-orientation program that makes the most sense for you and your goals.

Where will I live?
All FYSEP students will be able to move into their assigned rooms for the year at the beginning of the program. FYSEP students will be assigned to the same first year residential cluster.

How many meals do I receive?
All dining expenses are covered for FYSEP students during the 5-day pre-orientation program. Although students will be free to eat on their own for some meals, most meals will be with FYSEP students and program staff.

My invitation says the program immediately follows my first-year Dartmouth Outing Club trip. What if I did not sign up for a DOC Trip?
If you have not signed up for a trip, we encourage you to do so. Although it may appear that you missed the deadline, trips is happy to accommodate late registration for FYSEP students. If you choose not to participate on DOC Trips, you must make your own arrangements to arrive oncampus by Thursday September 9, 2010.

Can I practice with a Varsity athletic team while attending FYSEP?
Unfortunately, no. Since FYSEP students are required to attend every workshop and classroom session, if you are an athlete and have mandatory practice, you will be unable to attend our program.

I would like to attend FYSEP but I wasn’t invited. Can I apply to the program?
Currently FYSEP is an invitation-only program. We encourage students who were not invited to the program to utilize the Undergraduate Deans’ Office, the Academic Skills Center, and Dartmouth’s many peer mentoring programs for help addressing transitional concerns.

What will a typical day be?
A typical day will include skill building workshops and seminars, self-assessment and goal-setting sessions, team and community building activities, and small group discussions.

Who are the program staff?

IMG_8209Program Coordinator Micaela Klein graduated from Dartmouth this past June as an award-winning scholar and community member. Micaela majored in Government with a minor in Arabic. She was a War and Peace Fellow, an Arabic Drill Instructor and an Office of Pluralism and Leadership intern. During her leave terms, she interned with the US Committee for the United Nations Development Program, the US Commercial Service in Lima, Peru, and KLD Research and Analytics. Micaela was the founder, coordinator and driving force behind the FYSEP program in 2009. Micaela will be the primary contact for program participants through the end of the pre-orientation component of the program in mid-September.


Samantha Ivery arrived at Dartmouth College as a Community Director in 2002 and later joined the OPAL staff as Advisor to Black Students.  Samantha has a B.A. in Theater from the University of Missouri and a M.A.Ed. in Student Affairs from Western Kentucky University.  Her work interests include training in social justice leadership, understanding the experience of students of color at predominately white institutions, and researching the impact of identity on self-efficacy in the classroom.  To that end, you might find her facilitating a workshop on the intersections of race and class, teaching a leadership seminar, or performing in an Open Mic program.


30564_650112387510_10907315_37306105_1583179_nElizabeth (Liz) Agosto is the Associate Director of the Collis Center for Student Involvement at Dartmouth College.  Agosto did her undergraduate work at Dartmouth College, graduating with a degree in Sociology in 2001.  After graduation, Liz  worked in New York City as an analyst for a company called Analysis Group, where she assisted with economic analysis for litigation trials.  After two years she returned to graduate school and completed her Masters of Arts (MA) at Fordham University in May of 2005.  She is currently working on completing her doctoral degree.  Agosto also serves as Leadership Instructor and Director for the Student Leadership Training Program, a program that teaches leadership skills to middle school and high school age children through an experiential curriculum.  She has been actively involved in this all volunteer organization for 15 years.

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