FYSEP was launched in the fall of 2009 as a student-led year-long mentorship program that connected first-year students with trained upperclass mentors. Through one-on-one mentor-mentee meetings, social events, retreats, and workshops, FYSEP students learned the mechanics of a successful Dartmouth experience while forging a strong peer network that will continue even after they graduate.

This year, the President and the Dean of the College are partnering to support the mentoring program and to launch the next phase of FYSEP: a five-day pre-orientation and year-long peer-mentoring program for students who are among the first in their family to attend a four-year college. The program offers workshops, activities, and seminars designed to simulate life at Dartmouth and to prepare participants to handle some of the challenges they may face during the course of their first year. FYSEP provides a rigorous, fun and worthwhile experience that puts participants in a position to thrive at Dartmouth both academically and socially.

Programmatic highlights include:

*A mentor-based support network providing FYSEP students with one-on-one peer mentoring from upperclass students who have been carefully selected to provide support and guidance during the pre-orientation program and on a regular basis during the first year. FYSEP mentors are enthusiastic upperclass students who learned from their own transitions to Dartmouth how to successfully navigate all that the College has to offer. They are trained to offer support and guidance to program participants and have deep knowledge of the mechanics of a successful Dartmouth experience.

*Workshops and seminars, which will introduce FYSEP students to the many features of the Dartmouth experience in a low-pressure environment. The sessions during pre-orientation and on-going workshops throughout the year will help participants enhance their skills, and to reflect on their goals and abilities.

*On-going enrichment activities throughout the first year to reinforce the skills learned during the pre-orientation program, to tackle challenges in the moment, and to sustain the close-kint FYSEP community.

*Fun social events (movie nights, bowling, etc) designed to foster a sense of community among scholars and mentors.

By the time Orientation begins, FYSEP students will be ready to immerse themselves in everything Dartmouth has to offer.

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