Film Studies at Dartmouth College
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Course Background

Since 1993, David Ehrlich has taught Animation (Film Studies 35) every year. Students complete 4-5 short projects in various techniques as well as a more extended Final Project of 30-90 seconds. Students with a final grade of "A" for the course are permitted to undertake an Independent Studies in Animation (Film Studies 80) in which they work privately with the instructor, completing a 2-4 minute animation. Successful completion of the Independent Study entitles the student to work on a two-term Honors Project (Film Studies 95): the design and completion of a 4-7 minute animated film.

The Dartmouth Animation Festival (in Loew Auditorium) takes place each spring. It is organized by students, and features student work completed during the year, including Indpendent Studies and Honors Projects.

Animated films by Dartmouth students have been screened at film festivals in the United States and abroad, receiving honors and recognition, including the Student Academy Award and other prizes. Student films have also been aired on the Bravo and Cartoon Network cable channels.