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All lectures will be held at 5 pm in 2 Rockefeller unless otherwise noted.
All lectures free and open to the public

Wednesday, September 20
Tomás Ybarra-Frausto
Associate Director for Arts and Humanities
Rockefeller Foundation

"On Transborder Chicano Aesthetics"

Wednesday, September 27
Carlos Martin
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

"Constructing Place, or What Lefebvre Left Out"

Wednesday, October 4
Lawrence A. Herzog
School Of Public Administration and Urban Studies
San Diego State University

"The Wall or the Transfrontier City?"

Wednesday, October 11
Ursula Biemann
Swiss filmmaker and curator

"Performing the Border: Gender, bodies and technology at the crosspoint of private desire and public space"

Wednesday, Oct 18
Open Date

Wednesday, October 25
Hamid Naficy
Department of Art & Art History
Rice University

"Housing Problems: Constructing House, Home, Homeland in Transnational Cinema"

Monday, October 30
Edward Soja
Department of Public Policy & Social Research, School of Urban Planning University of California, Los Angeles

"Border Work: Expanding the Scope of the Geographical Imagination"

Wednesday, November 1
Patricia Price
Department of International Relations
Florida International University

"Monsters, Tricksters, Rippers, Twins, The Virgin and a Flying Nun: Towards a Possible Pantheon of Border Guides""

Wednesday, November 8
Roger Rouse
Department of Anthropology
University of California, Davis

"Where the Boundaries Lie: Mexican Migration in Transnational Times"

Wednesday, November 8
Ellen Pader
Regional Planning Program
University of Massachusetts-Amherst

"Space of Hate: Ethnicity, Architecture and Housing Discrimination"

Wednesday, November 15
John Caldwell
Department of Film and Television Studies
University of California, Los Angeles

"The Performance of Race and Landscape in "Rancho, California (por favor)""

Monday, November 20
Juan Villoro and Carlos Monsiváis
Writers and Journalists

[Monsiváis] "Chronicles of Mexico City"
[Villoro] "El vértigo horizontal: la ciudad de México como texto"

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