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Guest Curator and Executive Producer: "Stars of David, Jews in Sports," Klutznik Museum, Washington, D.C. 1991


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By Harvey Frommer

If you think you know your baseball and if you think you know
your Yankee baseball - this is the quiz for you. Others, too, may find
it interesting. Readers are encouraged to submit their own questions
which may (or may not) be included with acknowledgment as to sources in
subsequent quizzes. Here we go - answers are below questions - but no

1-. Who wore # 7 before Mickey Mantle?
Fourteen other Yankees wore the number in their career, the
last two being Bob Cerv and Cliff Mapes, who wore the number at times
during Mantle's rookie season.

2 - Whose number (and what was it ) was retired by both the Mets and
Casey Stengel's No. 37 has been retired by both the Mets (1965) and
Yankees (1966)

3 - What number did Don Mattingly wear when he first came up to the
A. 16
B. 26
C. 36
D 46
From 1982 to 1983 -- Don Mattingly's first two seasons with the
Yankees, he wore #46, while appearing in only 98 games.

4 - Who caught Dave Righetti's no-hitter on July 4, 1983?
A. Butch Wynegar
B. Cliff Johnson
C. Yogi Berra
Answer A

5 - Name the four managers who have piloted both the Yankees and the
New York Mets
Yogi Berra, Casey Stengel,Joe Torre Dallas Green.

6 - In 1977, who nick-named Reggie Jackson "Mr. October"?
A. Willie Randolph
B. Thurman Munson
C. Goose Gossage
D. Mickey Rivers
Answer B

7- Who hit two homers in one inning in 1977.
A. Cliff Johnson
B. Gregg Nettles
C. Reggie Jackson
D. Chris Chambliss
Answer A

8 - Name the player Derek Jeter replaced in 1996 to become the regular
A. Andy Fox
B. Pat Kelly
C. Alvaro Espinoza
D. Tony Fernandez
Answer D

9 - What former Yankee was the first pitching coach for the New York
Mets in 1962?
A. Joe Page
B. Red Ruffing
C. Vic Raschi
D Johnny Sain
Answer B

10- Who was nick-named Bulldog?
A. Jim Bouton
B. Ron Guidry
C. Joe Page
D. Monte Pearson
Jim Bouton,because of his overbearing nature.


Harvey Frommer is the author of 34 sports books, including the classics:
"New York City Baseball," "Shoeless Joe and Ragtime Baseball," "Rickey
and Robinson: The Men Who Broke Baseball's Color Line," "The New York
Yankee Encyclopedia," "A Yankee Century: A Celebration of the First
Hundred Years of Baseball's Greatest Team," and Red Sox Vs. Yankees: The
Great Rivalry (with Frederic J. Frommer).


Frommer sports books are available direct from the author - discounted
and autographed.

Contact Harvey Frommer for details.


CLASHING WITH PINSTRIPES - Red Sox Fans Recoil in Yankees' Backyard

By DAVID KOEPPEL, New York Times, May 21, 2003

"What would I recommend for a Red Sox fan living in New York?" asked Harvey Frommer, the baseball historian, Dartmouth College professor and Yankee fan, who is currently working on an oral history about the rivalry between the two teams. "Wear a disguise."

Fans of the Boston Red Sox are among history's most long-suffering. For those of them living in New York, the burden is even more onerous..."

NBA ONLINE article by Harvey Frommer: "Basketball"



Extracted from Encyclopedia Americana 2003 article published @ rit.edu 01/08/2003

Content Summary: This is a comprehensive Encyclopedia Americana article that can be found with a quick search on the main page, it highlights the game of basketball. It describes the rules and regulations governing the game. This article was found through the Grolier's search on the Wally library website. It includes everything you need to know to play the game. As published in an established Encyclopedia which adds to credibility.

Special Features: This article features a comprehensive breakdown of the game. It includes all the founding rules and regulations that govern the game. Specific drawings and schematics introduce the beginner to the game. Everything from equipment, rules, playing and even how to dribble are covered in this article. The encyclopedia Americana is a very comprehensive online reference site that contains references to just about anything you could possibly want to search for.

Weaknesses: This article was great it had no weaknesses really. It was very credible and was written by an author that is a known authority on the sport. The depth of the article was immense and covered everything down to the most miniscule detail.

Recommended Uses: This is a great article on the fundamentals of the game. It can be used as a great coaching tool or perhaps even for the coaches themselves to learn about the game. The diagrams and schematics can be especially beneficial in a learning situation.


Guest Curator and Executive Producer

ūGreenberg Among B'nai B'rith Honorees; Famed Detroit Slugger Among 14 Set for Induction Thursday Into Sports Hall of Fame?br>  
When Hank Greenberg was finishing up his baseball career in 1947 with the Pittsburgh Pirates, he bumped into Jackie Robinson one day. The two collided accidentally on a close play at first base. Quickly, Greenberg apologized for the collision and, observing the taunts being thrown at Robinson that season, said: "Don't let them get to you. You're doing fine." After the game, Robinson told reporters: "Hank Greenberg has class. It stands out all over him."

It was fitting that Greenberg, who had been a target of abuse himself, was one of the first opposing players to encourage Robinson, who broke major league baseball's color barrier in 1947. As Shirley Povich later observed in one of his "This Morning" columns in The Washington Post: "Baseball was not distinguished by lofty intellectuals in Greenberg's time. He was a target of subtle and flagrant anti-Semitism, an earlier version of the bigotry that hounded Jackie Robinson with the Dodgers."

Greenberg, who died in 1986, and Povich are among the 14 inaugural inductees to the B'nai B'rith Sports Hall of Fame to be honored at a dinner Thursday night here at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

These also include Mel Allen, Red Auerbach, Al Davis, Eddie Gottlieb, Sandy Koufax, Benny Leonard, Sid Luckman, Abe Pollin, Al Rosen, Dick Savitt, Dolph Schayes and Mark Spitz.

The hall will be located in the Klutznick Museum at the B'nai B'rith's Rhode Island Avenue NW headquarters. An inaugural exhibit entitled "Stars of David -- Jews in the World of Sports" will run for six months, then travel to other museums across the country.

Harvey Frommer, guest curator and executive producer of the "Stars of David" exhibit, said yesterday that more than 600 items will be included in the exhibit. It celebrates numerous Jewish athletes, even back to Battling Mendoza (1764-1836), first Jewish boxing champion of the world and later England's most celebrated boxing instructor.
The Washington Post


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