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Lab Director

Jon Freeman Jon Freeman, Ph.D. 

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Jon Freeman is Assistant Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences at Dartmouth College and director of the Social Cognitive & Neural Sciences Lab. Before coming to Dartmouth, he received his Ph.D. from Tufts University and B.A. from New York University. Broadly, his research focuses on the cognitive and neural basis of person perception. He studies the mechanisms underlying basic ways we see and understand other people, including social categories and group membership (e.g., gender, race), personality traits, and emotion. Specifically, his work examines how social dimensions are perceived via multiple facial, vocal, bodily, and contextual cues; and how such lower-level perceptual processes interact with higher-order social cognition and prior social and cultural knowledge to shape construals. He is additionally interested in how cognitive and neural dynamics during the person perception process predict downstream social behavior. He takes an integrative and multi-level approach in examining these phenomena, incorporating insights across social psychology and the cognitive, vision, and neural sciences. His studies use a wide range of methodologies, including functional neuroimaging, electrophysiology, real-time behavioral techniques (e.g., computer mouse-tracking), and computational modeling. He is also the developer of the data collection and analysis software, MouseTracker, and has been the recipient of several awards, including the APA Early Researcher Award (2009) and an NIH National Research Service Award.


Lab Manager

Zach Ingbretsen Zach Ingbretsen

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Zach graduated from Dartmouth College in 2011 with an A.B. in neuroscience with honors. After graduating, he was lab manager for Catherine Norris' social neuroscience lab. He is currently lab manager / research technician / software development assistant extraordinaire in Jon Freeman's lab. He is experienced in the collection of fMRI, EEG, facial sEMG, and other psychophysiological measures. Python 3 is his programming language of choice. When he is not working with brains, Zach may often be found taking pictures at various events at Dartmouth.


Post-doctoral Researchers

Eric Hehman
Eric Hehman, Ph.D.

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Eric Hehman is a post-doctoral researcher in the Social Cognitive & Neural Sciences Lab at Dartmouth College. He received his Ph.D. in 2012 from the University of Delaware, working with Sam Gaertner. His research interests include impression formation and intergroup relations with a specific focus on face perception. He prefers to examine his research questions from multiple perspectives, utilizing various socio-cognitive, behavioral, physiological, and statistical approaches. In his free time, Eric travels as often and as broadly as possible, and frequently wishes he had a dog.



Ph.D. Students

Rachel Pizzie
Rachel Pizzie


Rachel Pizzie received her BA with distinction in psychology from Colorado College in 2010. After graduating, she worked as a research assistant and psychometrician at the Knight Alzheimer's Disease Research Center at Washington University in St. Louis. Rachel is pursuing her PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience at Dartmouth College. While she initially began working with Dr. Catherine J. Norris, she is continuing to pursue her interests in emotion, individual differences in person perception, and social interaction with Dr. Freeman. Rachel will be utilizing a variety of methodologies to investigate these questions about the biological basis of behavior, such as EMG, EEG and fMRI. Outside research, Rachel enjoys cooking, theater, dancing, singing, and hiking with her dog.


Ryan Stolier Ryan Stolier


Ryan Stolier is a first-year graduate student pursuing his PhD in Experimental Psychology at Dartmouth College, working with Jon Freeman. In 2013, he received his MA in Social Psychology from San Diego State University, working with Melody Sadler. Ryan is interested in how stereotypes and perceptual cues interact in the processes of person perception, theory of mind, and empathy. Furthermore, he is interested in how emotions and motivations impact these processes and their consequent representations. To investigate these topics, Ryan is interested in the application of implicit behavioral, electrophysiological, imaging, and computational methods.



Affiliated Ph.D. Students

Rich Lopez
Richard Lopez

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Rich graduated from Princeton University with a BA in psychology in 2009. After graduation he worked as a research assistant at Columbia University at the Social Cognitive Neuroscience Lab there. Rich is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience here at Dartmouth, working with Dr. Todd Heatherton. Rich's graduate studies focus on individual differences in cue reactivity and self-regulation, especially the neural mechanisms and cognitive dynamics underlying those differences. Rich and Dr. Heatherton are collaborating with Dr. Freeman to explore the real-time dynamics of cue reactivity and how those dynamics differ across populations (e.g., dieters). In his spare time outside research, Rich enjoys running, hiking, skiing, and composing and performing music.



Alison Mattek

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Alison Mattek has received music degrees from the University of Miami, FL and Dartmouth College. Her studies in music have been focused on computational models of musical emotion, signal processing, and the effects of music on behavior. Alison now works in Dr. Paul Whalen's lab at Dartmouth College. Her studies investigate the effects of music on ambiguous social stimuli, as well as ambiguity and emotion processing more broadly. She uses a range of methods, including behavioral measurements, psychophysiological measurements, neuroimaging, and mouse tracking. Alison and Dr. Whalen are collaborating with Dr. Freeman on projects investigating several topics in the social and affective domain, including the interpretation of ambiguous faces using mouse tracking methods and the processing of speech and vocalizations using signal processing methods. In addition to neuroscience, Alison enjoys playing piano, meditating, and sunshine.


Andy Chen
Pin-Hao Andy Chen


Andy completed his training necessary to be a clinical psychologist and received his master's degree in clinical psychology from National Taiwan University in 2009. After finishing his civic military service in 2011, he joined Dr. Todd Heatherton’s lab at Dartmouth College, in pursuit of a Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience. His research interests include self-reflection and self-regulation by using behavioral and neuroimaging approaches. Andy and Dr. Heatherton are collaborating with Dr. Freeman on exploring how cultural factors affect self-regulation by using mouse tracking and neuroimaging methods. Outside of the lab, Andy likes jogging, playing basketball, and scuba diving.


Undergraduate Students

Jay Dumanian Jay Dumanian


Jay Dumanian is a '14 psychology major from Los Altos, California. He is working in the lab on a Honors Thesis, studying the effects of personality judgments on our mental representations of the faces of others. In his free time, he enjoys getting outside to rock climb with the Dartmouth Mountaineering Club, going on long bike rides with friends in search of ice cream, and making nachos.



Natalie Salmanowitz Natalie Salmanowitz


Natalie Salmanowitz '14 is a neuroscience major and theater minor from Menlo Park, California. She is working in Prof. Freeman's lab on her senior thesis project. Her thesis explores the neural basis of the facial width to height ratio and its impact on predictions of guilt. Outside of class, Natalie plays club soccer, mentors students at Mascoma High School, and is a Deans Office Student Consultant.



Ryan Lisann Ryan Lisann


Ryan Lisann is a '15, from Long Island, New York. He is working with Jon Freeman as an undergraduate research assistant. He is very interested in learning about the relationship between visible perception and processing of these perceptions within the brain. He is on a pre-health track pursuing a major in Neuroscience. Outside of class, he is involved in MEDLIFE, a global health organization, and recently went to Ecuador to work in medical clinics. He also enjoys doing community service as part of both the Rotaract and ASPIRE clubs. In his free time he likes to play tennis, squash, rock climb and swim in the Connecticut.



Isabelle Magro Isabelle Magro


Isabelle is a ’14 from Larchmont, New York, who is majoring in neuroscience and pursuing a pre-medical track. She works in the lab as a research assistant and is interested in understanding the neural underpinnings of the perception of gender and race. At Dartmouth, she is the Director of Finance for Cover the Globe, a global health nonprofit concerned with finding sustainable solutions to provide medication and treatment to HIV/AIDS patients. She is also involved in Dartmouth Ski Patrol as a first responder certified in Outdoor Emergency Care by National Ski Patrol. She loves to travel, play squash, and watch House in her free time.



EunMyoung Alice Lee EunMyoung Alice Lee


Alice is a '15 from Seoul, South Korea. She is majoring in Psychology and working in the lab as an undergraduate research assistant for Presidential Scholar. She is interested in studying how one's thoughts can influence the person's view of the real world and neural basis of this motivated perception. At Dartmouth, she also researches at Wheatley Lab and is involved with International Students Association, Korean Big Sib Little Sib, and UJIMA dance troupe. She is planning on graduating a year early and pursuing a PhD program in a field of Psychology.



Moulshri Mohan Moulshri Mohan


Moulshri is a '15 from in New Delhi, India, who is planning to major in psychology. She is working in the lab as an undergraduate research assistant. She's interested in studying person perception, and differential perceptions and cognitions associated with own- and other-race faces. When she's not in classes or huddled in the Stacks studying, she works as an Undergraduate Advisor for freshmen and is involved in Link Up and Milan. In her free time, she enjoys re-watching episodes of Sherlock and doing Zumba.


Valerie Orellana Valerie Orellana


Valerie is a ’15 from Los Angeles, California. She is working in the lab with Jon Freeman as an undergraduate research assistant. She was selected as a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Sophomore Science Scholar for the 2012-13 year. She is interested in researching about the real-time perception of race and gender. She will be majoring in psychology and possibly minoring in either French or Film. Outside of class, she swims as part of Dartmouth’s Varsity Swimming and Diving team. She also loves watching Criminal Minds and foreign films.



Jemin Park Jemin Park


Jemin Park is a ’15, from Knoxville, Tennessee. He is working in the lab as an undergraduate research assistant and is interested in studying how the brain converts sensory information into definite perceptions of people. He is planning to major in neuroscience and is on the pre-medical track. Outside of class, he plays the violin in the Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra and enjoys playing tennis and basketball with his friends.



Kristen Chambers Kristen Chambers


Kristen is a ’17 from Bellingham, Washington. She is working in the lab as an undergraduate research assistant and is interested in the way sensory information is processed and solidified into judgments. She is planning to major in neuroscience. Outside of class, she is a Cabin and Trail Leader in Training and enjoys running in Pine Park, tea in Sanborn, and going on Wednesday Morning Dinertoure.



Juliana Park Juliana Park


Juliana Park is a '14 from Chandler, Arizona. She is majoring in psychology and minoring in Japanese. She is working in the lab as an undergraduate research assistant and is interested in how the neurological system implements various social behaviors. At Dartmouth, she has been involved in Taekwondo, MEDLife, DGLP (Dartmouth Global Leadership Program), America Reads, Flute Ensemble, and Agape Christian Fellowship. She likes to travel and doodle in her free time.



Juliana Park Liliana Kennedy-Paesler


Liliana Kennedy-Paesler is a '14 from Raleigh, North Carolina. She is majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Studio Art. Her favorite medium is printmaking. Outside of class, Liliana is a member of SHEBA dance troupe.


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