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Majors, Minors and Other Requirements


Five types of major are available to the student. All programs are designed individually by the student with the help of a faculty advisor of his or her choosing within the Department. Major programs may be organized historically, around a genre (like poetry, drama, or prose fiction), or around a period concept or movement (such as the Enlightenment, baroque, classicism and romanticism, or existentialism). Major programs normally include at least one term of study in France or Italy (two of the L.S.A.+ and/or F.S.P. courses count towards the major). Whether students have an individual advisor or not, all major plans and subsequent changes must be approved by the French or Italian Major Advisor.

  • Major in French. Prerequisite for the major: French 8.
  • Major in Italian. Prerequisite for the major: Italian 3.
  • Major in Romance Languages. Prerequisite for the major: The appropriate prerequisite course in each of the two languages studied.
  • Major in French Studies. Prerequisite for the major: French 8.
  • Major in Italian Studies. Prerequisite for the major: Italian 3.


  • Minor in French
  • Minor in Italian

Requirements for Majors, Minors, Honors and Off-Campus Programs for French and Italian are provided at:

French and Italian Languages and Literatures Requirements


Major Advisor French 2013-14

Professor Faith Beasley
201C Dartmouth Hall


Minor Advisor French 2013-14

Winter Term

Professor Keith Walker
201A Dartmouth Hall


Major/Minor Advisor Italian 2013-14

Professor Nancy Canepa
317 Dartmouth Hall

Last Updated: 1/27/14