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Graziella Parati

Ph.D Northwestern University, 1992 "laurea" in English and Scandinavian languages from the Universita' Statale in Milan, Italygraziella picture 132x200

204 Dartmouth Hall

(603) 646-2088 or (603) 646-2400

Paganucci Chair of Italian Languages and Literature.


Primary Interests

20th century Italian literature and culture; Post colonial studies; Multiculturalism and migrations studies; 19th century Italian literature and history; Italian Film history;

Italian American literature, history, and film; Autobiography; Feminist theory and women's writing.

Selected Publications

Migration Italy: The Art of Talking Back in A Destination Culture, (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2005)

Mediterranean Crossroads: Migration Literature in Italy, (Madison, NJ: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 1999)

Public History, Private Stories: Italian Women's Autobiographies, (Minneapolis and London: Minnesota UP, 1996)

Special issue of Italian Studies in Southern Africa vol. 8 no. 2, 1995, subtitled Margins at the Center: African Italian Voices

She has also edited the following volumes

Multicultural Literature in Contemporary Italy (co-edited with Marie Orton)

Italian Cultural Studies (co-edited with Anthony Tamburri, Myriam Swennen Ruthenberg, and Ben Lawton)

Italian Feminist Theory and Practice: Equality and Sexual Difference 

Additional Information

Professor Parati currently has three Books in Progress:

Un-Becoming Fascists: Autobiographical Narratives after WWII.

Italian Communities in the Age of Migrations.

The Cultures of Migration, co edited with Anthony Tamburri

Photo: Public HistoryPhoto: Mediterranean CrossroadsPhoto: Italian Cultural StudiesPhoto: Italian Feminist Theory and PracticeMigration Italygraziella book 98x150


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