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Nancy Canepa


Associate Professor of French and Italian
Ph.D. Yale University

 337 Dartmouth Hall

 Primary Interests

  • Early Modern Italian Literature and Culture, in particular seventeenth-century
  • Fairy Tales
  • Popular Culture
  • Dialect Literature
  • Translation

 Selected Publications

  • Baroque Metamorphoses: Cultural Shifts in Seventeenth Century Naples (in progress).
  • The Enchanted Boot: An Anthology of Italian Fairy Tales, translations, introductory essays, and notes (forthcoming 2013).
  • Giambattista Basile, The Tale of Tales or Entertainment of Little Ones, translation, introduction, and notes (2007).
  • Carol Collodi, The Adventures of Pinocchio, translation and introduction (2002).
  • From Court to Forest: Giambattista Basile's "Lo cunto de li cunti" and the Birth of the Literary Fairy Tale (1999).
  • Out of the Woods: The Origins of the Literary Fairy Tale in Italy and France.

Recent and Forthcoming Articles

  • "Little Heroes, Epic Transformations: Giulio Cesare Cortese's La Vaisseide (1612) and the Neapolitan Mock-Heroic' (in progress).
  • "Literature in Naples, 1500-1800," in a Companion Guide to Early Modern Naples (Leiden: Brill, forthcoming).
  • "The Translation of Enchantment: On the Transmission of Fairy Tales," in The Fairy's Charm: An Anthology of Tales and New Critical Perspectives, J. Schacker and C. Jones (eds.), forthcoming 2012.
  • Chapters on "Pompeo Sarnelli," "Salvatore Scarano." and "Luigi Serio," in Fairy Tales Framed: Early Forewords, Afterwards, and Critical Words, Ruth Bottigheimer (ed.), forthcoming 2012.
  • Articles on "Italian Tales," "Giambattista Basile," Giovanni Boccaccio," "Italo Calvino," "Luigi Capuana," "Giuseppe Cocchiara," "Carlo Collodi," " Grazia Deledda," "Carlo Gozzi," "Vittorio Imbriani," "Luigi Malerba," "Pier Paolo Pasolini," "Emma Perodi," "Pompeo Sarnelli," "Giovan Francesco Straparola," in Encyclopedia of Folktales and Fairy Tales (2008).










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