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Anna Minardi


Senior Lecturer - Italian Language Course Coordinator

Department of French and Italian
6087 Dartmouth Hall
Hanover, NH 03755-3511

Office:  319 Dartmouth Hall

2012 Winter Office Hours:  Thursday 10:00am - 12:00pm, or by appointment

Telephone:  (603) 646-3295
Fax:  (603) 646-3211

MALS-Master Program in Liberal Arts, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH-2010
Degree in Veterinary Medicine-University of Parma, Parma, Italy-1998

Teaching: Professional Experience

  • Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH:  French & Italian Department 2001-Present
  • Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH:  Rassias Foundation Community Classes and Ten Day Accelerated Language Program (ALPs) 2003-Present

As Senior Lecturer
For all levels of language instruction:

  • Primary instructor of language, grammar, and conversation to groups of 15-20 students with varying degrees of foreign language backgrounds.
  • Developed course syllabus.
  • Developed course lesson plans and class activities.
  • Authored all examinations and midterms.
  • Graded written and oral examinations.
  • Weekly meeting with Drill Instructors.
  • Attend the Italian Table once a week.

As Italian Language Course Coordinator

  • Instructing all new adjunct teaching staff on the Department methods and policies regarding language course instruction, and establish a clear policy regarding assignment and correction of ancillary materials (workbooks, lab manuals).
  • Overseeing AT orientation and training for each term.  This includes organizing and directing orientation workshops and jury, assuring compliance with the stated norms for selection of ATs.
  • Supervising Italian-language related activities during freshman orientation week, in particular the placement test and language-related orientation questions, and the Italian Table by setting up and attending twice-weekly meetings, and the Italian Club by serving as the faculty adviser and promoting regular meetings and activities.
  • Serving as faculty adviser for the FRIT Affinity Housing (Hitchcock Hall).  This includes collaborating with Italian staff on recruitment of the Italian adviser who lives in the Italian suite, helping the Italian adviser to settle in, providing him/her with an orientation to Dartmouth, to drilling duties, and to responsibilities regarding Italian Table and Italian Club events.
  • Organizing several extra-curricular activities for the Italian Club.


  • Ponti.  Italiano Terzo Millennio.  (with E. Tognozzi, G. Cavatorta)  Second Year Italian Language workbook, lab manual and website.  Houghton & Mifflin: Boston, 2003.  First edition.
  • Ponit.  Italiano Terzo millenio.   (with E. Tognozzi, G. Cavatorta)  Second Year Italian Language workbook, lab manual and website.   Heinle-Cengage Learning: Boston, 2009.  Second edition.

I have been working at Dartmouth since 2001 as a senior lecturer in the French and Italian department and acted as Language Course Coordinator since 2007.  I also hold a degree in veterinary medicine and I started the MALS program in the fall of 2007 which I completed in 2010, with a thesis in creative writing.

Some of my interests include researching on problems inherent to language: such as foreign language acquisition as well as the cultural issues related to translating a literary text into another language, and the meaning of inter-cultural and trans-cultural translation. 

For my scientific formation, my attention is drawn to science, literature, critical thought,and cultural studies.  From my personal experience I have learned how influential a language can be in a human being's life.  It seems to me that a language is not only a tool but a defining factor in our existence that radically affects our understanding of the world and ourselves, that recreates new meaning, times, and places to be. 

In my creative writing work I focus on the exploration of this sense of displacement, dislocation and the simultaneous void and intimacy that language itself elicits. 

In my teaching I focus in understanding the psychological, cultural, and ideological consequences of second language acquisition, translation and bilingualism.

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