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Collegio di Milano

Native-English Speaker Assistant to the Programma Culturale at the Collegio di Milano

Milan, Italy
Academic year 2014-2015 (from the beginning of September to the end of June)

The Collegio di Milano seeks an assistant for the activities of the Programma Culturale that will be held in English. The candidate must be a native-English speaker, with a strong academic record and an outgoing personality.

The Collegio di Milano is a unique institution in the Italian scenario: we host about one hundred select students, coming from the seven universities of Milan. The Collegio offers accommodation and a wide range of cultural activities, meant to improve the students' experience and multidisciplinary knowledge. This year our students may choose among courses on Islam, globalization, modern history, physics and foreign languages, and laboratories of journalism, graphology, theatre, and cuisine. Some of the cultural activities may be held in English. Note: all the activities take place in the late afternoon or in the evening, as everybody is busy during the day.

An Assistant to the activities in English will have the following duties

  • Organising activities in English for the students, such as the projection of an English movie every weekend
  • meetings on specific occasions (sports on TV, major political events, etc., suggestions are welcome), twice a week
  • being available to correct cv, essays, presentations, etc. written in English by students and staff
  • being available to correct communications, regulations, website texts, etc. written in English by the staff
  • being available to speak English with our students; the aim is to make exercise and to apply in practice what will be taught in the regular language courses.

Please note that no help with the English language course held at the Collegio is required.

In exchange, the Collegio will offer the following:

  • accommodation in a dedicated single room within the premises of the Collegio (with
  • small entry, personal fridge, air-conditioning, cleaning service and change of sheets once a week)
  •  three meals per day, seven days a week
  •  internet connection (wireless within the building)
  •  access to library, study areas, music room and darkroom
  •  access to gym and sports fields
  •  possibility to consult the Collegio's Doctor on personal medical issues(*).
  • university fee for two single courses at the Università degli Studi di Milano, to be freely chosen by the applicant (For general information and information on single course)
  • access to all the activities of the Programma Culturale (generally including seminars on various issues, informal meetings with prominent personalities of the cultural, scientific and business worlds and laboratories on photography, theatre, cuisine, etc.

Please check here for the current activities.

The Collegio will also pay EUR 200 per month, for a maximum of 10 months.

(*) Health Insurance: you are strongly advised to extend your own personal health insurance (tailored on your personal condition) outside the US. Bear in mind that both the possibility to consult the Collegio's Doctor and any emergency first aid treatment here in Italy are free of charge.

In case you cannot extend your personal insurance, we can activate for you a standard yearlong insurance for foreign students in Italy; in this case we will ask you to contribute by reducing your monthly allowance to € 150.

Application procedure

Please note that you must follow two different procedures: one to apply for the position at the Collegio di Milano, and one to the Italian diplomatic representatives to obtain a Student Visa.

Application to the Collegio di Milano

In order to apply to the Collegio di Milano, candidates are required to send the following documents:

  •  curriculum vitae (résumé);
  •  university record (transcript);
  •  two letters of reference;
  •  one letter of self-presentation

Please send them electronically to Nancy Canepa (

The deadline for the application is December 2, 2013.

Short-listed candidates will be interviewed via Skype by Sara Cittadin, Students' Manager, in the second half of January 2014.

How to obtain a Student Visa

In order to live in Italy as a student for over 90 days you must obtain a year-long Student Visa from the Italian diplomatic representatives in the US (Consulates or Embassy). Your Student Visa will be assigned to you once you complete the procedure to enrol in the single courses mentioned above. The procedure is a long an annoying process, that may take up to 3-4 months and that may involve more then one diplomatic representative.

For basic information

You are strongly advised to start the procedure as soon as possible and to respect the deadlines set by the various diplomatic representatives. It is your responsibility to complete the procedure before you arrive in Italy. Without a
regular visa, the Collegio di Milano cannot confirm the offer described above.

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