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Apprentice Teacher Information

Apprentice Teacher Program


AT Workshop Spring 2014

The French and Italian department encourages students to participate in the AT

(Apprentice Teacher) Workshop in order to learn the Drill Method

and try out for an AT position in French and Italian for the Winter Term.


The participation of Veteran ATs contributes significantly to the training of new candidates. 

Participation in the full workshop is required to audition for a position as an AT.


The schedule is:

Monday, March 24

6:00-7:00 pm


105 Dartmouth

(Veteran ATs are excused from Orientation)


Monday, March 24

7:00-9:00 pm Practice


Tuesday, March 25

6:00-8:00 pm Practice


Wednesday, March 26

6:00-8:00 pm Practice


Thursday, March 27

4:00 pm French and Italian JURY

Please check with Professor Mosenthal regarding French JURY


Please fill out this application and e-mail it to:


For more information, please contact:

Pat McGuinn 6-2400


See what our ATs are saying about their experience as a Drill Instructor


What is an Apprentice Teacher?

Introduced in 1967, the Apprentice Teacher Program has become an important part of foreign language instruction at Dartmouth.  Beginning language courses consist of master classes and drill sessions.  The Apprentice Teacher (AT or Drill Instructor) “drills” students on the points they have learned in their master classes.  The AT works closely throughout the term with the faculty member who teaches the master class.  They are responsible for leading students in pattern drills and exercises, in order to practice and reinforce the grammatical points that have been taught in the master class.


Who can be an AT?
ATs in the Department of French and Italian are Dartmouth undergraduates but they are not necessarily language majors. They are students with established linguistic skills who apply for the program, participate in the Apprentice Teacher Workshop and are selected by a faculty jury. 

How do you become an AT?
Applicants for an AT position are not expected to be fluent in French or Italian, but should have linguistic competence of at least the level of French/Italian 10 and a good accent.  Enthusiasm, commitment and interest in language are important requirements.

Each term the number of ATs selected varies according to enrollment figures and the number of French 1 and 2 and Italian 1 and 2 language sections offered by the department.

What are some of the job expectations of an AT besides conducting drills at either 7:45 a.m. or 5:20 p.m.?

  • Once each week ATs meet with their master teacher, an integral part of the job.
  • ATs attend required meetings or training sessions during the term.
  • AT performance is evaluated several times a term by faculty members who visit drills as well as a written evaluation at the end of the term by the master teacher.
  • ATs do not provide grammar explanations. 

What are the benefits of being an AT?

  • The AT position is a paid job.    
  • ATs increase their linguistic competence (pronunciation and grammar).
  • An AT develops useful teaching and interpersonal skills.
  • An AT works closely with a Dartmouth Professor, with a group of language students and with other ATs.
  • On-Campus ATs may apply for an AT position on a Dartmouth LSA program.  There are several openings each year.

When are the Apprentice Teacher Workshops?
Workshops take place in the beginning of the Fall, Winter and Spring terms.   The workshop schedules are posted on the department website.



Last Updated: 2/24/14