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The College is committed to providing students with a liberal arts education, thus languages play an essential part at Dartmouth. Undergraduates study languages intensively and have the opportunity to polish their language skills in Lyon, Toulouse and Paris (France) or Rome (Italy). Dartmouth is renowned for its extraordinary success in language instruction using the Dartmouth Intensive Language Model, developed by Professor John Rassias, former Chair of the French and Italian Department.

Both French and Italian are taught from the beginning levels as a combination of intensive grammar and culture. In fact, the programs in French and Italian are designed for students interested in languages, literature, and cultural; social; political and economic issues in France, in Francophone countries, and Italy. Courses in French and Italian allow students to begin to know and understand French and Italian cultures and their roles in today's unified Europe. The variety of departmental offerings complements the diversity of students' interests and reflect the spectrum of research fields among French and Italian faculty.




Last Updated: 2/17/14