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Vox Car Rentals

A Vox Car can be rent by faculty, student and staff for business purposes only. You have to be a college approved driver to make reservation. Please see driver safety program.


To make a reservation, please click here.

Charges  - Effective 7/1/2014

Rates for Vox Car Rentals are charged to the travel account of the responsible office:

  • Cars
    $46.00/Day or $276.00/Week & $.16/Mile
  • Mini Van (7 passenger)
    $70.00/Day or $420.00/Week & $.24/Mile
  • Pick-Up Truck
    $84.00/Day or $504/Week & $.26/Mile
  • E-350 Vans (Total of 12 people - need to be van tested)
    $108.50/Day or $542.50/Week & $.32/Mile
  • Mini-Buses/towing capability (Total of 15 people - need to be bus tested)
    $126.00/Day or $630.00/Week & $.36/Mile

Notes:  Users are NOT charged for gasoline usage, this is covered by the mileage charge. 


Vox Car Office:  646-1VOX(1869)

Email: VoxCar Office

Last Updated: 2/25/15